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Celebration Inquiry started this week.

Here is Alyssa's title page.  Isn't it wonderful to see all the special things she has included in her art work.  I love the soot from Santa's sack still on the floor.  Great work Alyssa!
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MERIT CERTIFICATES at Assembly today. Congratulations to Soraya and Reegan!

Football Taster today on the field! The kids really enjoyed it.

Famous Astronmers

Galileo - today we talked about Galileo and his contribution to our knowledge about Space.  Did you know he lived 450 years ago and used a telescope he made to find the 4 moons on Jupiter and Saturn's rings.  Have a look at Myiesha's recording in her Inquiry Book - great work Myieshah!

Visitors from Taiwan

On Monday we welcomed some exciting guests to our school.  They are students who are training to be teachers in Taiwan.  They are visiting us to find out how we learn, how we teach and how beautiful New Zealand is.  Here is John learning how to do spinning tops at lunchtime today. 

Maths Week and Measurement - it's fun!

This week is Maths Week.  We started off by estimating some measurements - our height, weight, head circumference and handspan.  It was very interesting as you can see.  Here are the measurement stations to find out how accurate our guesses were.  Well done team.

Cross Country Stars!

Well done to Liam and Alyssa who represented the school at the Interschool Cross Country today.  We are so proud of them and all the effort they put into practise and their perseverance.